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18 Pro Ice Cream Catering Tips That Will Make Your Party Unforgettable

Get the scoop on the best party hacks for a sweet time!

“The people who like Rocky Road, they want it all. Neapolitan means you can’t make up your mind. Vanilla means you’re always true to yourself because you’re not tempted by so many other choices,” said the friend walking in front.

After a nice dinner, a group of friends was strolling to their favorite gelateria around the block. A warm Miami breeze tickled at their skin as they strolled from the restaurant to the ice cream shop. Palms overhead rustled up a symphony against the calming backdrop of booming surf on the beach. 

So your favorite ice cream flavor reveals your personality?” asked another. 

There was a thought … what couldn’t ice cream do? Was there something deeper than a simple preference underneath their shared love for the brisk frozen texture of the cream and the swift burst of sweetness? 

“So what’s your favorite flavor?” asked another of the amused listeners, knowing full well their friend was going somewhere.

“My favorite – right now,” she grinned and leaning to towards the group, “is sorbet. Because I can eat it even when I’m on a diet. Which I am!” This got a hearty laugh just as the group walked up to the gelateria counter. 

Whether you believe in ice cream personality tests (and horoscopes), we all have a favorite flavor. No matter who you are, there’s an ice cream persuasion made just for you. Because of this, ice cream creates fond memories that stick with us through the years. 

And no matter which flavor you prefer, there’s no wrong way to have an ice cream party. Have ice cream, get social! There’s nothing better on a hot summer day, for a family get-together with the young ones, or with best friends. Ice cream has a special place in our hearts because it’s customizable. Those little extras are what make ice cream, not just a dessert, but an anytime treat. So add a touch of flair to any cup or cone to create a memorable and truly sweet experience.

Here are 19 awesome ice cream party ideas for your DIY ice cream catering. From decorations to toppings and everything in between, read on for a total guide to ice cream catering. Stay cool!

#1 The 50’s Ice Cream Parlor

ice cream parlor


Turn your ice cream party into a 50’s ice cream parlor for a touch of retro-nostalgia deliciousness! Play some 50’s and 60’s tunes in the background and bring in some diner-style stools and small tables. The red, white and blue motif works especially great on the 4th of July. Make malts, root beer floats, and enjoy an old-timey atmosphere like grandma used to.

#2 Make Ice Cream Cone Balloons

 Ice cream cone balloons


Give party-goers a sweet tooth with these fun, easy decorations. Inflate helium balloons into a shape that resembles a scoop of ice cream. Then attach cut construction paper at the base with some glue or tape. Tie the curling ribbon through and attach to the party area. It’s a low-cost and quick way to highlight the treats station!

#3 Banana Split Bar

ice cream bar


Set up a topping-lovers dessert station just for banana splits. Lay out your favorite nuts, sprinkles, coconut flakes, cookie crumbles (Oreos!), chocolate syrup, whipped cream – whatever you like. You can even freeze the bananas beforehand to make this an extra-chilly summer delight!

#4 Mini Ice Cream Cones

ice cream food truck in Miami, Fl


Scoop and freeze ice cream on a cookie tray with wax paper underneath. Then stick a popsicle stick into the scoop to make a mini one-scoop cone. Whip these out as guests arrives for bite-sized ice cream hors d’oeuvres. It’s never too early for ice cream!

#5 Offer Milkshakes and Floats

Ice cream float or shake bar


Make your own milkshakes?! Yes, please! All you need is a chest of ice to keep the ice cream and milk cool, a blender, and serving glasses. Then let your friends make strawberry, vanilla, chocolate shakes as they please. Extra points for root beer and vanilla floats. This is instant smiles, guaranteed.

#6 The Best Ice Cream Sundae Competition

ice cream sundae competition


Here’s a fun way to inject a bit of healthy competition into your ice cream social. Have everyone combine their favorite flavors and toppings into a frozen masterpiece, then take photos (before they melt!). Assemble a panel of judges and see who’s looks best. Then…devour!

#7 Make Your Own Ice Cream Truck

food catering ideas in Miami, FL


Place a cooler in a wagon and decorate with construction paper and streamers. Use this to greet guests and highlight your ice cream selection. Put a speaker inside with some jingling music to create an atmosphere of childhood nostalgia and sweet treats to come. Cute photos await!

#8 Brownie Ice Cream Cups

brownie sundae homeamde


Ask your ice cream catering for help with this one. Otherwise, grab some brownie mix and a muffin tin. Bake up these shallow ice cream holders for your party. Combine all the flavor of a brownie sundae with a portable party cup that’s sure to delight your guests.

 #9 Ice Cream Cone Pool Floaties

employee appreciation events in Miami, FL


If you’re enjoying ice cream catering by the pool, bring these bright and festive cone floaties. Sure to delight the kids, these are great for the water park or in the backyard. They look delicious, so remind guests not to bite.

 #10 Pin the Cherry on the Coneice cream party games


A great party always has a game to play! Pin the topping on the cone get all ages involved. Keep the atmosphere lively and festive with this classic, reimagined for the ice cream party. 

#11 Overstock the Toppings Barice cream party topping bar


A next-level ice cream party always has a fully loaded toppings bar. Present guests with a generous arrangement of candies, sprinkles, fruits, syrups and rarely seen treats. Like what? Try breaking up caramel corn, warm Nutella, crystallized ginger, freeze-dried strawberries, and macadamia nuts. Everyone remembers the best toppings bar they ever enjoyed. Ask your local ice cream catering team for input on this. 

#12 Serve Waffle Cone Fruit Cups

fruit cone


Keep the ice cream spirit alive – with reduced calories – by serving these sweet waffle cones filled with fresh fruit. It’s always nice to offer a healthier option. Plus, partygoers can always splurge by adding a fresh scoop of sorbet or their favorite ice cream on top. Everybody wins!

#13 Pre-Scoop Ice Cream

pre-scoop ice cream catering


When there are lots of guests, all that scooping and dressing of ice cream cones can get a bit crowded. Save time and streamline your party experience by pre-scooping ice cream. Arrange flavors in bowls and bring out when it’s time. As a bonus: it greatly cuts down on clean-up too!

#14 Bring Out the Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwich


Donut ice cream sandwiches, anyone!? Pick your favorite flavor, slice in half, load with ice cream, add toppings – and enjoy! Make your own with a cookie cutter, or ask your local ice cream catering team. Always a favorite!

#15 Don’t Forget the Hot Fudge

ice cream toppings for party


Or the hot caramel topping! Complete your ice cream sundae bar with hot toppings. Simply place Mason jars in a slow cooker with about an inch of water. Fill the Mason jars with chocolate chips, caramel, white chocolate, or mint chocolate chips – and wait for melted to gooey perfection. Top with abandon!

#16 Cut the Cake

ice cream cake for party


Birthday parties always want an ice cream cake. But even if no one’s turning, you’ll wow the party with a truly spectacular ice cream cake. These creative centerpieces bring layer upon layer of creamy, sweet deliciousness – and they’re not bad to look at either!

#17 Ice Cream Cone Piñata

party ideas Miami, Fl



Bring the party to life with this fun-for-ages standby. Birthdays, family reunions, block parties: everyone loves a piñata. Fill with your favorite candies and party favors, grab a plastic bat and get the party started!

#18 Call in the Ice Cream Food Truck

ice cream food truck Miami, Fl

A fixture of many childhoods, the ice cream truck always brings good times. Enliven your ice cream party with a real ice cream truck that will delight everyone. There’s no easier way to ensure your ice cream catering is a flawless affair that’s remembered by children and adults of all ages.

The Final Scoop

No matter what type of party you’re having, ice cream is always welcome. Perfect for those hot days or warm Miami nights, kids and adults can’t resist this sweet creamy treat. As we’ve seen, there are so many ways to dress up your festive occasion. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration to make your next birthday party, family gathering or event one to remember. 

The only question is: how will your ice cream catering make your party truly special? 

George Koukourinis18 Pro Ice Cream Catering Tips That Will Make Your Party Unforgettable
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Amazing Corporate Event ideas, How to Leverage Facebook Live

The best corporate event ideas should reinforce your company brand, boost customer and employee satisfaction and share your message with a growing audience.

As you maintain, update and monitor your business’s Facebook page and follow other business pages you’ve seen the periodic Facebook Live videos in your daily stream.

Wondering what Facebook Live is all about and how you can use it to help market your business event?

You’re not alone!

Facebook Live can be a useful tool to promote your business.

This is especially useful for sharing the amazing corporate event ideas you bring to life throughout the year.

What is Facebook Live and How to Leverage at Events of Just for Fun? 

Facebook Live explained

Facebook released their Live feature in August of 2015 for certain verified public figures and then to all verified Facebook pages in late December of 2015.

Just as they do with all organic posts, Facebook controls the reach of Live broadcasts with their news feed ranking algorithm.

Live was initially limited to iPhone users but is now available for Android users and is very easy to use.

Live gives you an instant way to connect and interact with your customers, employees and Facebook followers to promote your business and creative corporate event ideas.

Broadcasting corporate events with Facebook Live

To broadcast with Facebook Live, you can use your business profile page or the Mentions app. Using Live is as easy as going into the update status area and clicking on the new Live icon.

Using Live is as easy as going into the update status area and clicking on the new Live icon. Check out this helpful video from Website Candi on just how easy it is.

Watch: How To Go Live On Facebook

Once you’ve clicked on Live, write a short description of your status update so your followers understand the purpose of the video.

For corporate event ideas, you’ve made reality such as corporate picnics, family fun days or food truck festivals, sharing your Live posts with the public has the best chance of wide exposure.

Once you tap the Go Live button, your phone camera activates and you can either aim it at yourself, outward or a combination of the two as the corporate events proceed.

When you use the Mentions app for Live, you can’t select a certain audience as your Live posts are public for your business page.

Interaction during Live broadcasts

Facebook Live

As you’re broadcasting from corporate event ideas you’ve developed into an actual event, you will be able to see a number of live viewers who are watching your video.

If you’re searching for additional input for unique corporate event ideas, Live is a great way to access your customers and employees.

You can see who reacts to and comments on your video in real time. This is an ideal time to invite viewers to Subscribe so they receive a notification when you use Live again.

This real-time interaction with your customers and employees as your broadcast corporate events via Facebook Live makes you feel more approachable and genuine to your audience.

At the conclusion of your broadcast, Facebook saves the video on your timeline for continued viewing.

Creating the best Live broadcasts

To make the most of Facebook Live, ensure that your broadcast has a purpose and a focus.

You can invite the audience to give you new corporate event ideas, discuss the ideas you’ve implement in the past or share the process of bringing the event to life.

Video: For fun let’s watch the Chewbacca Mom video that went viral.

The audience will appreciate knowing what the broadcast is about ahead of time and this will improve your company’s reputation.

Create an interesting, eye-catching title for your Live broadcast that will entice people to watch because that title is all they see when Facebook notifies them that you’re live.

As you broadcast, make sure people can understand you and what’s going on by speaking clear, loud and close to the phone.

Use an external microphone if necessary and try not to broadcast from an area with extensive background noise.

Toggle back and forth between the front and rear-facing cameras and make sure to increase your speaking volume when the camera points away from you.

Remember that you’re using Live to engage with your audience so acknowledge them by mentioning fans and responding to comments during and/or after the broadcast.

Adjusting your broadcast

Learn from your first Live broadcast by paying attention to audience input.adjust broadcast

The recommended broadcast length for Live is 5 minutes, but you can adjust this as needed as you’re working on your corporate event ideas and implementation.

Go Live at different times of the day to see when you receive the best audience numbers.

Always end your Live broadcast with a call to action that directs your audience to a specific type of interaction.

You can suggest that they visit your website, send a private message or comment on the video as ways to keep them engaged.

When you use Facebook Live to design and implement corporate event ideas, you ensure that your events fit the preferences of customers and employees while positively promoting your brand.

Now, I want to hear from you

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Or maybe you have a question about something.

Either way, leave a quick comment below. 

I’ll be around to reply to comments and answer questions.

So if you have a question or thought, make sure to leave a comment right now.

Questions or Comments?

George KoukourinisAmazing Corporate Event ideas, How to Leverage Facebook Live
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5 Awesome Ways Corporate Picnic Catering Is Trending in [Miami]

Bringing something new with corporate picnic catering for special events such as, alumni,birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, employee appreciation, holiday parties, weddings, tenant appreciation, and can seem challenging.

Fortunately, the trending choice of ice cream catering is rolling onto the scene to mix things up and break out of the usual catering routine.

Food trucks are mobile, versatile, fun, unique and something different that will excite and interest event attendees and bring a fresh, new element to any occasion.

Food trucks are mobile, versatile, fun, unique and something different that will excite and interest event attendees and bring a fresh, new element to any occasion.

No matter what style of food your event needs, food trucks can provide it fresh, on-scene and local.

1-Food Trucks encourages interaction

A huge advantage of using Food Trucks for corporate picnic catering for a corporate event or special events is that it brings people out of boardrooms after they’ve sat through numerous presentations or endured a long day of work. Catered company events are usually something that everyone looks forward to and using food trucks as part of an outdoor setting helps stimulate social interaction and engagement between employees and customers of a business.

Catered company events are usually something that everyone looks forward to and using food trucks as part of an outdoor setting helps stimulate social interaction and engagement between employees and customers of a business.

food trucks Miami, Fl

Corporate picnic catering and event ideas bring in people from all over the country, food trucks give them a break from the hotel or venue meeting space while allowing them to sample the local flavors and mingle out in the fresh air.

2-Break from the usual

For a catered event, most people expect the usual plated lunch or buffet style meal, but food truck catering offers something truly different and often unexpected.

Using food truck catering for your event shows that businesses value their employees, the bride and groom wanted to create a memorable meal or that the bosses wanted to add some flair to the holiday party or picnic.

Food trucks can bring the feel of an energetic street fair to an event while providing diverse food selections and items people have never had the chance to sample before.

3-Positive company branding

Closing an employee training event for a large number of attendees can be a large undertaking and the more planning put in, the greater the positive impression a company can make.

In conjunction with company branding represented with custom décor, lighting colors, and strategically placed logos, food truck catering can add to the atmosphere while supporting everything the brand represents.

A company can show how diverse, flexible and innovative they are by incorporating several food trucks placed strategically around the outdoor space at a closing event. Choosing food trucks that highlight the local flavors, fresh produce and savory desserts of the area give attendees a selection of cuisine that would be highly labor intensive for a single catering company.

corporate picnic catering

4- Ice Cream Catering for all audiences

I ce cream catering food trucks can bring a unique variety of food to your event while also incorporating healthy options, vegetarian selections, and items for those with food allergies or on a gluten-free diet. Vegan and vegetarian cuisine can be tastier than many people realize and food trucks can present these options in ways that make attendees eager to try something new. The food trucks can also offer more traditional options including burger, tacos, wings and fries. A varied menu that appeals to all audiences is easier with food truck catering on site.

catering food trucks

5-Any occasion, any time of day

To stay competitive in the growing market of food truck catering, these mobile eateries usually offer a full menu that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This makes them the ideal solution for morning weddings, corporate retreat lunches, and evening cocktails receptions. Food trucks are great for beach or outdoor weddings that take place a fair distance from any viable reception venues.

The wedding planner can arrange for outdoor seating and bring in catering food trucks to offer guests appetizers during cocktail hour and even the full meal to complete the beach or garden party motif.

Catering Food Truck For Parties

Finding the right food truck

Deciding to use food trucks Miami for an event is the first step toward creating a memorable experience and the next step is finding the right food truck or trucks.

To do this, you need to consider several important factors including:

  • What meal(s) to feature – breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts
  • The time and length of the event
  • How you will feature the truck
  • Indoor or outdoor venue
  • Public area or private property

After considering the above factors, you then need to work out details with an event planner or if you are an event planner, make sure that you understand the logistics of using a food truck. Food trucks have power, space and cooking equipment requirements that you need to meet to provide a successful catering experience.

When using corporate picnic catering at a specific venue, check with their event planner to find the best place for the trucks to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved.

The preparation required for using food trucks Miami at an event is well worth it as it creates a unique and memorable dining experience.


George Koukourinis5 Awesome Ways Corporate Picnic Catering Is Trending in [Miami]
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