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For corporate events, large or small, a fancy ice cream food trucks brings an element of excitement, while simplifying the catering. Your employees will never have seen anything like this before, making it a great way to demonstrate your innovation and love of fun. After experiencing a Cold Stone ice cream food trucks, everyone will be looking forward to your next corporate events.

Obviously, an ice cream truck is perfect for an informal event, but it is also ideal for turning a more serious occasion light-hearted. You already know that at Cold Stone we offer unique creations our customers love. We bring this same philosophy to our food truck, customizing the experience to best suit the tone and style of your event.


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Corporate Events in Miami, FL – Cold Stone Ice Cream Food Truck

Our ice cream food trucks feature all your favorite flavors and varieties to keep everyone happy. Plus, all of our trucks are staffed by friendly professionals, who will whip up a delicious dessert or shake to order.

By creating an enjoyable experience, you inspire enthusiasm, get ideas flowing, and encourage people to socialize. Everything is better on a full stomach!

If you want to hold a memorable event, contact us for more information about our ice cream trucks and to discuss your needs.

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