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Take Corporate Picnic Catering to the Next Level!

Here’s the deal

When the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, there is nothing better than a corporate picnic catering event.

The main feature of any picnic is the food, but you can go beyond the classics with a fancy ice cream food truck.

When you choose Cold Stone Food Trucks as your corporate caterers, you will receive a range of homemade delicious desserts, including original ideas that are impossible to find anywhere else.

Our corporate caterers will prepare custom homemade ice cream creations and shakes to order, keeping everyone satisfied!

Adding something special to your event!

Watch: What is special about having a Cold Stone food truck at your event?

“Cold Stone Tamiami food truck franchise owner, George explains what is special about having the truck at your event.  Besides the homemade ice cream there are additional flavors & toppings not in the store.”

The best part?

Everyone loves corporate picnic catering with an ice cream food truck. It gives your employees the chance to relax, spend time in the sun, and chat with their coworkers in a more informal setting than the office.

At most picnics, it is impossible to add any frozen treats to the menu, as these melt quickly and lose their appeal.

Why does this matter?

With an ice cream food truck, dessert stays chilled and are ready when you are.

A fancy ice cream food truck is the perfect way to combine the nostalgia of a picnic with the novelty of attendees’ favorite foods.

After you end this picnic, your employees will be asking you about the next one!

Bottom line, this year, avoid rehashing old ideas and turn your corporate picnic catering into an event that everyone can enjoy!

Find out more about how to take your picnic to a whole new level. Call George today at Cold Stone Miami Food Trucks at 305-796-6833.

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